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Party Ideas to make the most of your Child's Big Day!

For more Party and Activity ideas:
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Here are a few to get you started!

Bounce Off the Walls Tropical Bouncer'Aloha' Party Theme - Works well in combination with the Tropical Bouncer:

  • Put a picture of the Tropical bouncer, or some other 'Hawaiian' image on your invitations
  • Put travel posters of tropical destinations on the walls
  • Use a green paper or plastic table cover, and fray the edges to simulate a grass skirt
  • Play Hawaiian or Beach Boys music
  • If you have a surfboard, place it at the front door with a sign on it for your child's party.
  • You can also place other beach paraphernalia at the front door:  umbrella, sand, starfish, sunglasses, etc.
  • Play some games such as 'Tropical Relay Race', 'Bobbing for Seashells', 'Hot Coconut' (a play on Hot Potato).  Let us know if you would like more details on these games.
  • Party Arts & Crafts, such as Tropical Flowers made with tissue paper, Lei Necklaces, Sand Art Vases, etc.
  • Carry the theme right through to the party favour bags, and include things like Tropical Punch, candy favours with tropical flair, beach toys, etc.

Bounce of the Walls - Sports Bouncer Various Sports Themes - These work well with the Sports Bouncer:

  • Put a picture of the Sports bouncer, or some other sporting image on your invitations; you can even cut them into the shape of a baseball, football, etc.
  • Set mounds of different sports balls and equipment around the party area, and hang pairs of high tops or cleats by their laces from chair backs, hooks, or other spots around the room
  • Turn the party table into a sports field or court using markers or colored tape on top of a colored table cover. For example, you can use white masking tape to create yard markers on a green table cover, turning it into a football field; or, you can create a basketball court by marking the free throw area over a pale yellow table cover.
  • For a baseball party, serve traditional ball park fare, including peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs, root beer, and/or lemonade.  This food would work with most sports, and it's easy!
  • Play the sport that you are featuring if you have room -- softball, soccer, hockey etc.
  • Play some games such as 'Word Lightning'.  The object is for one team to come up with the most sports words in 2 minutes! Ask us for further details.
  • Carry the theme through to the party favour bags again, and include sports toys and candy.

Bounce Off the Walls - Castle Bouncer Medieval Theme - Works with the Castle Bouncer:

  • Put a picture of the Castle bouncer, or pictures of knights and/or princesses.
  • The birthday child can be the 'king' or the 'queen' for the day.
  • Each child can be made a 'knight' or a 'lady' when they come in.
  • You could make nametags that say "Sir" or "Lady" with their name on it along with a cardboard shield
  • Play 'Slay the Dragon' (piņata filled with gold coins and jewels).
  • Organize a joust using foam noodles
  • You can make a 'throne' for the birthday child.
  • Put purple fabric on the tables, and use 'gold' paper plates.
  • The party favour bags could include things like ribbon wands and necklaces or a sword and shield.


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